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Should You Use an SMM Panel?

SMM Panels are popular tools for social media users who are in need of maximising their social media presence. The range of marketing and SEO services provided is reasonably priced in order to cater for individuals and larger businesses.

This in-depth explanation will show you why you should enlist the help of an SMM Panel for your social media marketing strategy.

What Is an SMM Panel?

SMM panels, also known as social media marketing panels, offer their services at affordable prices, allowing users to buy likes, social shares and comments, and followers for their social media accounts.

The purpose of an SMM Panel is to provide specialised marketing services in order to increase customers’ social media presence and maximise business. Services offered are always in demand because of their affordability and speedy delivery.

The cost of a particular service (i.e. a like, follow, or share) depends on the country the customer is based, the category of their profile/business and how long they would like their actions carried out (e.g. a 24 hour Instagram story post could cost less than a lifetime Instagram post share in someone’s feed).

SMM Panels can be useful for 2 types of customers:

  • Providers: Those who want to promote themselves or start/grow their business with the help of an SMM Panel’s services. Or…
  • Resellers: Those who find providers and resell their services as representatives or for a profitable business model.

How Can I Spot a High-Quality SMM Panel Provider?

A high-quality SMM Panel can be determined by 3 main factors:

  • Responsive customer service. Most providers should offer 24-hour customer support. Data from Salesforce shows 67% of customers would pay more to companies that offer a better customer service experience. 
  • Correct security protocol. You should check whether the provider is ensuring secure application extensions by using security scripts. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is also a security technology that’s oftentimes overlooked. It’s used to secure information transferred between a server and browser.
  • Various payment methods. A clear sign of a trusted SMM Panel is its partnership with many secure payment gateways.

What Services Can SMM Panels Offer?

There are a number of SMM Panels out there competing for your business. This is why it’s important to know what’s on offer and what to expect before clicking in.

We’ve put together a selection of services offered by Cloutsy to show you just how far-reaching and equally niche they can be.

Verification Services

Are you an artist or musician, budding public figure, entrepreneur or new business? Then getting verified on social media platforms is the best way to stand out and become recognised. Verification services take all the necessary steps so you don’t have to. This includes writing and publishing press releases, setting up Wiki Pages, undergoing background research, verification portal submission, and more.

Instagram Services 

Instagram’s 1 billion active monthly users make it one of the leading global platforms. Cloutsy caters to a vast range of services aimed to give customers authentic-looking engagement and an increased social following. Most popular services include DM (Direct Messages), follows, likes, post saves, profile visits and much more. 

Each is carefully devised for improved quality and diversity (making post likes more sporadic and spread out across a more authentic timeframe).

Services like ‘Emergency Instagram Views’ can be a quick fix to those needing a rapid response to a live post. Also available are higher Instagram follower packages, which span 500K - 1M, of which 1 million followers can be delivered within 14 days of ordering.

Multiple Platform Services

Services are available across a number of social media platforms. Cloutsy covers Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and can even provide a range of different plays on Spotify and Soundcloud. 

The more niche services offered include custom reviews on Google Business, Google Maps, TripAdvisor and Trustpilot, and also various application installations.

Data can also be specific to countries to keep on top of customers’ specific audience requirements. For instance, with Cloutsy you can choose to obtain Instagram followers, likes and targeted YouTube views from users from China, Korea, the USA, Saudi Arabia, India and more.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using One?

Using an SMM Panel is a sure-fire way to maximise your marketing potential on your chosen social media platforms. There are many benefits to using their services. We have distilled the top 3 for both individual and business customers.

Increased Brand Visibility

With an increased amount of user engagement on your desired social media platforms, you can garner a greater organic reach for your business and become the brand everyone is talking about.


Compared to hiring a digital marketing agency to undergo a targeted social media marketing campaign, SMM Panels offer a significantly more affordable option to gain the results you desire. Cloutsy has cheap services and packages designed to suit the most modest of marketing budgets.

More Business Opportunity

By building an SMM Panel and inviting your employees, partners, affiliates, friends and family to share and like posts from your business account, you can slowly build your connections. Every piece of content created and shared should be seen as a gateway to a new business opportunity.

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