How to Create Your Social Media Marketing Packages

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What Are Social Media Marketing Packages And How Create Your Own

As a social media marketing company or freelancer, it's important to know how to price your services and create enticing packages that attract clients. Most social media marketing packages consist of management and content creation that are priced according to the work type and business model. Some agencies price per hour, whereas others charge a monthly fee. But how do you know which packaging style best fits your business? 

In this blog, we look at what these packages are and how to come up with the best packages for social media marketing. 

What’s A Social Media Marketing Package?

A social media marketing package is a group of services and products you can provide to clients to help promote their social media channels. If you have a company, you can also utilize a social media marketing package to market your company across various social platforms. Each package is sold at a specified price and includes add-ons for a more customized service. Moreover, these packages can be used with social media marketing tools to attain your business goals. 

Some companies utilize these packages to attract potential customers by illustrating their services' performance. 

Reasons to Create Social Media Marketing Packages

Here are a few reasons why you need social media marketing packages.

  • It gives customers the option of choosing which package suits their business well. Clients will only want to purchase a package if they see its suitability and price. Therefore, package-based systems are essential in helping potential clients have a simplified format of your different social media marketing packages and determine which suits them well. 

  • Assists in workflow organization. With well-organized package-based systems, it becomes easier to set expectations and help customers know if there are additional services and whether they will come at an extra cost.

  • Having an organized social media marketing package shows how professional your company is. Potential clients can see how you've organized everything about a package from start to finish. 

  • Provides security for the agency and the client. There are different contracts, for example, yearly, monthly, and quarterly social media packages, and when a client subscribes to one, it's challenging to opt out mid-month or mid-year. However, the contract assures you of maintaining your client while the customer is assured of getting high-quality services from your agency throughout the year or month. 

  • Saves on time. Look at it this way; you may decide to put a minimum package to purchase. When the minimum package is set, clients who need less than your agency is willing to sell will look for other sources, and on the other hand, your agency will only spend time on clients who are ready to purchase more. 

How To Package Your Social Media Services

Your social media services should be packaged according to the target audience's needs. For instance, if your target customers are start-ups, you should package your services cost-effectively as they don't have a huge budget to spend purchasing a package. 

On the other hand, if you're dealing with bigger businesses, you can package more services for a bigger package since they have the capital to invest in intense social media campaigns. 

Steps to Create Your Own Social Media Marketing Packages

Now that you know what a social media marketing package is, the next question is, how do you create one? Here is a step-by-step guideline. 

Evaluate Your Services

You will need to list all your services. These include the services you offer and plan to provide in the future. Some of the services you may specialize in include influencer marketing, community management, and Facebook ads. 

It is essential to look at what your competitors are doing. You will see how they structure their services, which can help structure yours. Moreover, you can source the skills of your team. For example, you might find out that one of your team members has good social media advertising skills. So be sure to include advertising skills in your packages. All these social media services are essential in creating an effective marketing package. 

Create Your Packages

Once you've gathered all the information about which social media services you will provide, the next step is choosing how to package them. This might be challenging but take your time. At this step, you should not be thinking about how to price each one, just how to package them. 

You can use social media marketing tools to develop the best packages for your agency. These tools will help you determine how well to sell your services. It is essential to know that each potential client has its timelines and business goals. So, you can opt to create a customized package. However, this might limit the number of packages you can make, which translates to fewer profits. 

It is at this stage that you decide whether to include prices for your packages or not. If not, you can outline your case studies, expertise, testimonials, and services. Finally, ensure you make it easy for potential customers to reach out to you. 

If you decide to put the prices of your packages on the website, you can incorporate social ads. On the other hand, you can combine the packages with add-ons. Some customers prefer packages with add-ons, as they look cheaper than the ones without. 

Price Your Packages

Once you've decided on how to structure your packages, the next step is pricing them. Again, estimate the costs to ensure potential clients can afford them without making you feel short-changed. 

One way to price your packages is by looking at how many social media platforms the client utilizes. 

Another thing to consider is the cost you incur. Factor in expenses like employee benefits, training, rent, and insurance, if you have an agency. 

As you choose your pricing model, ensure your clients will feel they’ve gotten value for their money by purchasing your packages. The service you're selling should have a positive outcome for the client. For example, your packages can offer benefits such as strengthening their social media presence, solidifying their brand, optimizing brand awareness, or increasing online engagement with potential customers. 

Create Customized Add-Ons

After following the earlier steps, you can include add-ons to the complete package. An add-on should be a service not included in the package and one the client wants to try. 

Think About How to Portray Your Packages

This is the easy part. At this stage, you've already created the packages and priced them. The most recommended way of showing your packages is by displaying them side by side. Each package should list the features, services, and benefits that the client will enjoy and any extras or add-ons included. You should also include any customization offer. Finally, add an FAQ part at the end of the package and pricing page. 

The Benefits of Offering a Social Media Package

Providing social media packages can be beneficial for a marketer or marketing agency. This is especially true if you provide both modern and traditional advertising solutions. 

In addition, offering different types of social media packages will make potential clients see you as a serious business person as you're willing to adapt to the technological changes that affect the market. 

Finally, different tiers of social media packages make you more competitive. Potential customers will opt for your services as you offer more than other agencies. And they also give clients an opportunity to engage your services by trying out the cheaper packages first before upgrading after seeing the results. 

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing packages are essential for any business that wants to grow its brand online. By creating the packages, you can realize more profits and get more clients. Therefore, take the next step of growing your business online by contacting us and enjoying our services.

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